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How to enable my domain in salesforce lightning

Salesforce my domain

In this post, I will walk you through the steps to enable My domain in salesforce lightning. 

Salesforce stands forefront when it comes to security by providing capabilities to protect our data and organization. My domain is an important one on the list. Enabling my domain in the sandbox brings out unique features specific to your org, like login screen customization and adding custom login policies. 

Steps to enable My domain:

Login to salesforce lightning

Click on Gear icon and navigate to the setup

Search for My domain in the Quick Find and click My Domain option under Company Settings

Salesforce setup - my domain settings

Search for the availability of domain name in the search box

Salesforce my domain availability check

Once the name is available, click on the Register Domain button

Salesforce setup - my domain settings

A confirmation mail is sent to your registered mail ID

Salesforce setup - my domain settings

Check your mailbox for confirmation. 

In my case, I have registered my domain as codengine and you can see the application with a new URL as below.

Salesforce my domain - Homepage

URL Before enabling my domain

URL After enabling my domain

Test your new domain from the link mentioned in the mail

Login with new URL and click tabs and links. If you've customized the UI, check for hard links to your original URL.

Once testing is done, navigate back to setup > my domain settings and click on Deploy to Users button to roll out new domain to your Org. Make sure you logged in from the new domain URL sent to your mail ID. 

Salesforce my domain - settings

In the popup click on the Ok button.

Salesforce my domain - deploy to all users

My domain is deployed to all users.

Salesforce my domain

Great! You have enabled My domain in your sandbox. Now you can create lightning apps, components and customize unique features and other settings in the lightning framework. In case if you find any issues in enabling My domain, post it in the comments section below.

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