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How to delete records from developer console in salesforce

How to delete records from developer console in salesforce
In our day-to-day salesforce activities, we may come across deleting records from the sandbox. It may be because you don’t need it or by mistake, you have added it or you need to get back your storage limits by cleaning up some junk data. In this post, I will show an easy way to delete records from the developer console in salesforce.  


Log in to Salesforce lightning

Click on the Gear icon at the top right corner and click on the Developer console

In the Developer Console, notice the bottom section with multiple subtabs

salesforce Developer console 1

In case you are not able to see it, click the arrow mark 

salesforce Developer console 2

Click on the Query Editor, write a sample query and click on the Execute button as shown in the below screenshot

salesforce Developer console 3

Make sure you get the necessary records with the filter condition.

salesforce Developer console 4

How to Delete single record

Click on any record in the list and click on the Delete Row button as shown below

salesforce Developer console 5
Click Yes
salesforce Developer console 6

How to Delete multiple records

Select multiple records using CTRL + Click on each record or Make use of SHIFT [Click on the first record and scroll down, Pressing SHIFT + click on the last record], it will select multiple records.

salesforce Developer console 7

Click the Delete Row button

Select Yes in the popup, It will delete selected records. 
Awesome! You just deleted junk data in your sandbox. In this post, we have seen an easy way to delete multiple records from the Salesforce Org. 

Post your queries or feedback in the comments section below. 

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