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What are two benefits of using data categories with salesforce knowledge

Benefits of using data categories in lightning knowledge

In salesforce service cloud, lightning knowledge is a vast subject which is tricky and sometimes challenging as well. Explore and implement the best practices as per the business requirements. Developers and admins must understand the importance of data categories for lightning knowledge success in any organization.

As the name indicates data categories are used to classify or categorize a different set of knowledge articles, ideas, answers and Chatter answers in the salesforce. The scope of this post is limited to the categories in knowledge articles.

Benefits of using data categories

1.  Classification of articles

Salesforce Knowledge uses data categories to classify articles and make them easier to search. For example, to classify the articles based on geography, we can create geography as the data category group with all the countries as the categories. Refer to the screenshot below

lightning knowledge data category setup

When we create an article for a specific country, we can map it to the country available in the geography data category group.

Article and data category mapping

This is useful when users want to search the articles based on the country or geography.

2. Visibility of the articles

Data categories are useful in defining the visibility of the articles. Using the Role > Data category visibility settings, we can restrict the article access for certain set of users.

Roles and category group visibility settings

As shown in the above image, users with the marketing role will be able to see only the articles that are mapped to the geography India.

In addition to the roles, we can configure the knowledge article visibility from the profiles and permission sets.

3. Recommendations in the knowledge widget

Recommendations are the list of articles that are suggested in the standard lightning knowledge component within the case page layout during the initial load.

Knowledge standard lightning component

Recommendations are displayed based on multiple parameters. Category mapping is one of those on the list. Data category mapping helps to apply an extra filter on the article recommendations.

The mapping defines which case field to be mapped with which data category group and set a default data category for cases that have no value for the mapped fields. For example, we can map the customer country field in the case level to the geography data category to filter the articles based on the country.

Data category mapping in the salesforce lightning knowledge

For example, If the case level customer country field is having value as ‘India’ for case# 001234, whenever the case is loaded, it will display all the articles in the knowledge component which are mapped to the data category geography ‘India’.

That is it. These are the main benefits of using the data categories in salesforce. Advise if I missed anything here.

Appreciate your feedback in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more content. Thank you. 

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