rename opportunity team in salesforce lightning

Often, opportunity in the salesforce CRM is referred as a Deal. This article explains how to rename the Opportunity Teams to Deal Teams.

UI reference for the Opportunity Teams standard related list in the sales cloud.

sales cloud opportunity page layout

Lets start..

Go to setup > Search with Rename tabs and click the Rename Tabs and Labels option

salesforce setup

Click Edit button for opportunities object

rename tabs and labels screen

Click Next button

rename tabs and labels screen 1

Please note, in case if you are looking to change Opportunity object label, you can change it from the above-mentioned screen

Click Next and Find Opportunity Team options

rename tabs and labels screen 2

Rename the text as per your requirement, in my case I have renamed Opportunity to Deal

rename tabs and labels screen 3

Save the changes.

Go to the opportunity record page, refresh the tab, and verify the changes.

Opportunity teams related list

Notice the new label updated at the required places. Well done!

If you got any issues in achieving this or looking for something else, please put it in the comments section below.

In our next post, we will discuss how to send an outlook meeting invite from salesforce apex.

Until then...