Emails are not triggered in the salesforce

In the salesforce lightning when we log in as another user from the system admin or any other profile which has Log In As Another User permission, sometimes emails are not triggered to the recipients. 

Let us see an example.

User1 with admin profile is logged in to the salesforce, navigates to user2 record from the setup. Clicks the Login button in the User2 record page, which takes User1 into the User2 account from which emails are not getting triggered.  

One of the reasons is the email verification of the user2 account. 
Yes, most of the time when we create the test user in the salesforce, we do not perform account verification as we log in to these test accounts directly from the system admin instance.

Have a look at the highlighted consideration below from the salesforce documentation

Login Access Salesforce Lightning

To resolve this, verify the user account by clicking the verification link received in the registered email Id. In my case, I have created the test user long back. Hence, created a new user, verified the email account, and logged in as another user from the admin profile. 

That's it! Emails are started triggering out with their respective functionalities without any issues. 

Please note, this issue will not occur when User2 is independently log in to the salesforce instance using the credentials.

In addition to the above-mentioned scenario, email triggering in the salesforce depends on several other factors. If your issue still exists, check out troubleshooting delivery problems for salesforce emails. 

If you have resolved this issue with any other workaround, please share it in the comments section below.


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